What is Transportation Infrastructure?

Transportation infrastructure refers to the structures, foundations, and systems that allow for the transport of people and goods. It is a crucial part of providing transport services.

It plays a key role in the production of transport services which, in turn, allows the market exchange of final goods and inputs. In a broader sense, transport services provide welfare benefits (e.g., travel time savings). Given its central economic role, many people often refer to transport infrastructure as the backbone of a modern economy.

What is Transportation Infrastructure?

The primary purpose of transportation infrastructure to help connect supply chains and efficiently move goods and services across borders. Furthermore, it is also responsible for moving people.

Different types of transport infrastructure

Air Transport Infrastructures

Ground facilities sustain airline services with acceptable standards of safety, reliability, and economy. Airports and air traffic systems are the two key components of such facilities.


An acreage intended for landing, departure, and maintenance of an aircraft. This also includes facilities for passengers and cargo.

Air Traffic Service route system

This is the management of air routing and other services relating to air travel such as air traffic control, aeronautical meteorology, an air navigation system, air space management, and air traffic flow.

Land Transport Infrastructures

These are permanent structures that allow a vehicle to operate or transverse. As a result, this includes facilities or structures made for travel, maintenance, parking, and logistics.


It is a passage that allows a vehicle to travel from one point to another. It can vary in size, from the small streets and alleys to the large and spacious highways.


These structures help us cross over an obstacle, such as bodies of water, and valleys, that are difficult to traverse.


These are man-made passages made to help us go through possible obstacles such as mountains, hills, rivers, etc.

Cycling Infrastructures

These are structures and facilities catered for cyclists. This may include passages shared with other vehicles or passengers.

Bicycle Highways

These are paths made for long-distance travel. It is characterized by a smooth road, ample room for passing, traffic signs, signals, and separation from other vehicles.

Bike lanes

It is a lane on the road dedicated to cyclists. However, there are usually no physical barriers are separating their lane from other vehicle lanes.


A railroad is a road with a continuous line of rails on a roadbed. This is where passenger and freight trains run on.


These facilities maintain vehicles, trains, buses, and trucks, as they arrive, and depart. In fact, terminals are usually in high traffic, key locations in order to support passengers and logistics.

Water Transport Infrastructures

These are structures, either naturally or artificially, that facilitate the movements of ships and boats.


These are facilities where ships can load or unload passengers or cargo.


These are natural waterways that can be used as means of transportation (e.g. Ferries using rivers to get from one point to another).


These are man-made waterways for irrigation and navigation.


Similar to canals, lakes are used as a means for irrigation and navigation.


These are large bodies of water that passengers and freight ships use to get from one point to another.

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