Season for Shopping and Logistics

Statista estimates that shopping around the holiday season can account for as much as 19.2% of total holiday sales. This offers plenty of opportunity for logistics companies who are looking to increase their business around the holidays – but it could mean that you have to think about things a little differently.

Here’s how to make the holiday season for shopping & logistics work best for your business.

Season for Shopping and Logistics

Logistics defines the holidays

 Logistics defines the holiday season, and without proper logistics the holiday season would be a disaster. Can you imagine if the stores were empty on Christmas Eve? If you couldn’t find a single gammon or bottle of water in stores – and not just that, but stores couldn’t get to you? Nothing would be delivered to where it needs to be, and the entire season would come to a stop right there.

The face of logistics has changed

Logistics is a little more complicated today than it was ten years ago, and it’s not enough just to deliver products on time. Almost any company can achieve timeous delivery these days, especially in the world of instant-click delivery, and it’s just not enough to make your business stand out – or survive the holidays. If you want to stand out, you have to do more – and the right amount of planning before and after the holiday season is what’ll ensure your business makes it.

Building relationships before the season hits

 Most of your planning should occur before the actual event. This is true if you were planning a wedding for someone, and it should be true if you’re planning logistics. Build strong, reliable client relationships before the holiday season hits – and know that you can rely on them (and the other way around) way before the holiday season and its increased demand comes around for the year.

Ship Fortress

Ship Fortress is based in New Berlin, WI. In addition to our trucking & logistics services, we operate warehouses in New Berlin, Los Angeles, and East Brunswick, NJ totaling over 600,000 square feet. Ship Fortress understands every business has its own specific requirements. We customize and create solutions to meet each business unique needs. We truly do provide our clients with

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Committed to the success of our clients and provide multiple layers of client support services. As a seamless extension of our clients’ business we have a passion for exceptional service. We are committed to the success of our clients and our experience and expertise allows us to provide multiple layers of client support services to propel businesses forward. Contact us for a FREE Quote.


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