Pandemic Holiday Shopping

Holiday shopping is a traditional pastime during the later months of the year. While Black Friday is usually the official start of the holiday shopping season many people start even earlier. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of things about the way we live, including time-honored traditions and last-minute holiday shopping.

Pandemic Holiday Shopping

If you are planning to shop in person this year, you may want to keep reading.

Shopping Changes During Covid-19

Many stores wait until Black Friday to release their biggest sales. This often results in a rush at the door as people clamor to get limited-time deals. With crowds and social distancing rules in effect, many stores have changed their policies. In addition to limiting the number of people in the store, most big-box retailers are offering their holiday sales online. Not only are they offering their Black Friday sales online, but they are starting them well ahead of the holiday season to help take the pressure off of in-person locations.

With so many people choosing to order online, they are also extending their sales and offers earlier than ever. This will help reduce pressure on their warehouses as well as on the shipping companies. Even in the best of times big-box retailers often struggle with meeting the demands of holiday shoppers at the peak of the rush season.

The Economic Impact of The Pandemic on Holiday Shopping

With many businesses and offices closed down or furloughed, people simply don’t have as much spending power as they used to. While many stores would see an excessive number of sales ahead and during the holiday season, consumers are being more cautious with their spending. The economic stimulus package earlier this year helped many families to maintain a sense of normalcy, but with those benefits at an end and little hope for more help, spending is expected to drop dramatically.

Most purchased will either be smaller or those that suit dual purposes in the home. Gifts for each person in the family as well as friends will be limited or even dropped completely. There are going to be fewer parties, family gatherings, and traveling which means there will also be fewer sales in those areas. With limited funds on the table, consumers will be very selective with their purchases. This means that luxury or specialty items may take a back burner to those that are more needs-based.

How Should You Handle Shopping During The Pandemic

When thinking about your holiday shopping, just like previous years it is best to create a detailed plan. Make a list of each person you plan to shop for and think about what you want to buy. Listing out your options and making firm decisions will help you manage your budget and help you to target your shopping trips if you plan to visit the store in person. If possible, aim for online sales after making your list. Some retailers will allow you to pay online and pick up at the door, or even pay in advance and delay shipping for closer o the holidays. This can be a great way to limit your contact with the public while still fulfilling those holiday wishes.

If you do plan to make an in-store purchase for whatever reason, plan your trip carefully. It can be tempting to wait until the last minute but with the pandemic in full swing, this should be avoided. Choose an off day and try to go as early in the day as possible. Think about exactly what you want to buy so that you don’t spend much time browsing. Wear a mask and wash your hands or use sanitizer often for your safety and the safety of others.

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