How Does Packaging Affect Logistics?

The logistics industry is built upon speed, and for a company to work effectively in this industry it’s imperative for them to ship their products as efficiently and effectively as possible. Efficient logistics practices aren’t just about warehouse statistics and digital optimization, however. Product packaging also has a lot to do with how well businesses are able to carry out logistics operations. Just a few small packaging changes can make a huge difference – and it could be the key to overtaking or staying ahead of your competition. Here’s what you should know about packaging and how it can affect your logistics operations.

How Does Packaging Affect Logistics?

Company Profits

The type of packaging your company uses can have a significant impact on the bottom line. If your company is using the wrong types of packaging alternatives, chances are your competitors are at an advantage.

Choose responsible packaging from the best possible source that you can find. Affordable is best, but don’t always go for the cheapest packaging option. It is vital that you make sure your packaging materials adhere to international packaging and environmental standards.

Shipping Weight

While some types of packaging are heavy, optimized packaging materials are designed to be lighter in weight. If you aren’t using the best packaging alternatives, you could be paying considerably more to ship your goods than your competitors. Good packaging should be light but also durable.

Environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives are also designed to be lighter and are often more durable than their counterparts.

Logistics & Speed

If your packaging system is inefficient or if the packaging is too heavy, it will have a negative impact on the speed of your entire logistics operations. The more efficient the packaging process is, the faster packages are able to move from the floor to their final destination point. Heavy or complicated packaging slows down the entire process and can have a major effect on customer satisfaction.

If you want to speed up your logistics operations, then it’s a good idea to focus on the role of packaging in this operation.

Available Space

Space is one of the most important factors in storing products successfully in a warehouse. Logistic operations rely on the efficient use of available space, and packaging has a lot to do with how well this works. If most of your space is being taken up by packaging materials, then it could be time to adjust your packaging.

To maximize available space, designate an area for packaging materials and another area for packages ready to be delivered. Designated areas of the warehouse space for different purposes will allow you to use the space to its full capacity.

Employees at Work

Packaging can have a huge impact on employees at work, especially where your production line is heavily reliant on a working human resource angle. If your packaging is heavy or cumbersome, or simply hard to assemble, it can have a negative impact on the speed (and often morale) of the employees who have to deal with it. Listen to your employees’ feedback on packaging and make modifications when possible.

Recycling and Corporate Responsibility

Packaging isn’t just about the speed of your production line or how light the materials are. Corporate and environmental responsibility are also major factors in the type of packaging your company uses. It’s not just about your ratings or potential tax breaks you will receive, instead, it’s about doing your part to contribute toward a sustainable future.

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