What are the Most Popular Ecommerce Platforms?

Are you considering starting your own Ecommerce store? Starting an online business presents many challenges, with choosing the right platform being at the top of your list. What are the most popular Ecommerce platforms for your new enterprise? Let’s look at the top contenders.

What are the Most Popular Ecommerce Platforms?


This software-as-a-service Ecommerce platform offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to build and grow their online business with a level of simplicity that’s great for beginners. Starting in 2009, BigCommerce powers more than 600,000 online stores in over 150 countries around the globe.

When you choose BigCommerce to build your Ecommerce website, you get access to integrations for Google, Amazon, Walmart, and many more. BigCommerce lets users easily build, design, and manage their online store. It offers features like eCommerce security, web hosting, and payment processing. The platform is completely scalable, making it ideal for companies that want to grow.


WooCommerce is a great choice for WordPress sites looking to incorporate eCommerce functions. It’s one of the biggest Ecommerce website builders, with a massive adoption rate in the market. WooCommerce continually introduces new user features and regularly updates its platform with inventory management and marketing tools.

One of the primary reasons for its popularity is its user-friendly interface, and it’s easy to set up on the WordPress CMS. It’s completely free to use, making it ideal for Ecommerce entrepreneurs bootstrapping their online business in the startup stage.

WooCommerce offers scaling with little hassle, making it a great choice for Ecommerce entrepreneurs that want to start small and grow their online business. You also have the option for WooCommerce hosting to speed up your online store.


As the third largest eCommerce platform in 2023, Shopify offers Ecommerce entrepreneurs a user-friendly interface. You get seamless integration for Amazon services and various resources at your fingertips.

This self-hosted platform is ideal for selling products and services. However, due to the self-hosted nature of the site, many prospective users prefer to look for alternatives offering better freedom in this department.


Magento seems to be losing ground to Shopify in the battle of Ecommerce platforms in 2023. The ease of use offered by Shopify makes it more of an attractive option for newbies to Ecommerce. However, Magento offers entrepreneurs a greater level of customization of their online store compared to Shopify.

Magento comes with tools for monitoring, analytics, and conversion optimization. The platform also supports MVC and OOP architecture, making it the ideal solution for developers but challenging for non-tech-savvy Ecommerce entrepreneurs new to the game.

Magento might present newbies with challenges if they don’t have the technical expertise to scale and modify the platform. As a result, you might need a tech specialist to assist with setting up the platform and managing it.


This eCommerce platform is an up-and-comer rapidly consuming market share from competitors. Squarespace offers users an easy interface for setting up their online store, providing a comprehensive range of pre-built themes, customizable Ecommerce features, and more.

However, it might not be the best solution for Ecommerce entrepreneurs looking to build a large store with many pages. The limitations on customizable features and its nature of being a hosted platform might cause users to look for alternative options like Magento.

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